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Send the Right Message with Free-Standing Signs

Free-standing signs are an effective means of advertising your Madison, Wisconsin business. If you have more than publicity in mind, a free-standing sign can also help you communicate with employees and provide information to customers.

These signs are customizable and versatile. You can install your free-standing sign near a parking space, outside your business doors or as a piece of your landscape. Your sign may be the means of directing traffic, displaying a company logo or advertising an upcoming event. The possibilities are endless.

Bring your vision for a free-standing sign to Grant Signs and we will make it a reality. We’ve been in the custom sign-making business since 1931 and have built a reputation for quality design and installation. You can count on our team to make the process as simple as possible. Make a quick call to our office to get the process started.

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Opt for Our Comprehensive Services

Grant Signs is proud to offer a comprehensive list of services — meaning we can see your project through from start to finish. Let us know if you’d like our team to perform any of these helpful tasks:

  • Initial survey of the site
  • Sign design
  • Acquisition of necessary permits
  • Professional installation of indoor and outdoor signs
  • Sign maintenance over the following months and years

We can also help you illuminate a sign with our lighting services.

Boost Your Business With a Free-Standing Sign

Whether you represent a dental clinic, school district or auto repair shop, free-standing signs hold a lot of potential. Looking to advertise to drivers on a distant road? Allow us to install a large sign on a high tower. More interested in communicating with nearby visitors? Our team can build a structure at eye level.

Whatever your needs may be, the crew at Grant Signs is perfect for the job. Simply get in touch with our Madison, Wisconsin office by visiting our contact page and submitting a message through the request form.

Get a Free Estimate Today